Wednesday, 9 January 2013

100 day spending ban - update 1

100 day spending ban - update one

So whilst i've been on a spending ban so many things have appeared that i want! It's so depressing!
I wish I had a magic fairy godmother or magic saviour (HINT HINT TO MY BOYFRIEND) that would treat me to one of these gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous items! I'm nearly pulling my hair out at all the things i want! Sometimes life is unfair :(.

bikini bottoms $78 - wildfox couture
bikini top £78 - wildfox couture

My holiday destinations this year are paris, rome, spain and newquay and this bikini is a must have! High waisted bikini bottoms flatter my figure a lot more than normal ones, because it covers my little bit of podge, I know holidays are meant to be fun but I believe it is important to feel comfortable and self assured when sunbathing/swimming.

polar wrist watch - £45-60 

Since the start of my diet this has been top of my wish list, the only reason I've not bought it yet is because of the price tag - cheaper and probably more useful than my bikini but I still cannot bring myself to part with this amount for something which will be used to mainly inflict pain on myself ( yes exercise is pain) I've seen a lot of great reveiws about this watch and I think it might be time to put my fitness first and sacrifice the new dress or new shoes for something which potentially will be a lot better for me in the long run!

zipped boots $81.99 - romwe

These boots are actually gorgeous, when it comes to shoes I'm faddy it takes a lot to make me want to part with my money but these baby's are gorgeous. Yes it's going to be summer soon and boots will be a bit warm to wear but the feeling that I get about these is that they will get better with age!

                anybody else struggling with
                the ban?


  1. Ahhh goodluck sweets , I couldn't do it :( xx

  2. That bikini is gorgeous! I love the print :)

    I haven't done a spending ban, I'm pretty much skint as I'm paying and saving for a holiday so I can't buy anything anyway ha :( xx

    Sarah @ xx

  3. Love those romwe boots, wow 100 days is ages - so impressive though, good luck :) x

  4. I'm not struggling yet, but I'm only 2 days in! Give it a few more days and I'll be pulling my hair out xx