Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sweet like cherry cola

red velvet patterned dress - topshop £36.00

I went shopping for a new Christmas/new years dress, and I found this! it's just perfect for the weather at the moment as its quite thick and has three quarter length sleeves! which is great considering i hate wearing my arms out at social events because i feel they look chubby. i wasn't surprised to find out that the dress sold out in our topshop pretty quick which is great because it shows its a nice dress but a bit crappy because our town is so small and i could probably end up wearing the same outfit as someone else, oooops!
Has anybody found there NYE outfit yet?

Saturday, 15 December 2012

festive favourites

lets get into the christmas mood! - festive favourites

so we all love christmas don't we, not so much the weather as it makes picking outfits hard! these two outfits are for my christmas party! i couldn't decide on my long dress, i only picked it because its cold outside and the longer the better but i think my maxi dress should be left for summer, and maybe next time i shouldn't attempt to turn it into a party outfit! oooopsy - oh well. the dress on the left was £12 from river island and the other dress was from oasis for £40, both very different prices and different styles but both eaqually and comfy and both wear just as well! i just think their two very different dresses for different occaisions! (PLEASE IGNORE THE FACT IVE NOT DONE UP MY SHOES) and the jacket was £58 from topshop!

my work colleague kindly got me these for me for christmas i LOVE estee lauder and will be reveiwing these products as SOON as i use them! i couldnt tell you the prices but i can tell you, ive used the mascara twice and i already am obsessed with it!!

 my boyfriebd bought me a bunch of makeup as an early christmas present! i cannot wait to blog about it all, ive been using these products for a while now and it's safe to say i have some exciting reviews in store for you all! sorry this post was a bit all over the place im just SO excited for christmas!

who else is excited for christmas? anything on your christmas wishlist?!
kate xo

Saturday, 8 December 2012

sanctuary - winter skin

sanctuary winter facial kit - sent as sample*

i would just like to state that although this product was sent as a sample my opinion of this product is very very honest! it's AMAZING. recently i have been suffering from sore skin, it's been red and blotchy and no matter how much lip cream i apply or how much moisturiser i lather on my skin just won't improve. (well it has now) thanks to this fantastic facial skin set by sanctuary, it was so simple to follow! ive used it twice no, and should have enough left for another facial later on next week, but after that sadly it will all be gone :(  my skin has improved vastly though! theres hardly any dry patches or red blotches. id advise people to but this product if  your skin is suffering from this horrid weather like mine :( no point having all this nice makeup if our skin isn't in a very good way!
                                                        anybody else found a winter saviour?
                                                                            kate xxx

Sunday, 2 December 2012

the end of the week

i've got the sunday blues -

so i know my posts are usually beauty related but i really wanted to share my new dress with you all, its from primark! and at just £18 i think it was a bargain, and just perfect for christmas day with the sparkly collar and sparkly sleeves! because the body of the dress is wool it's actually quite warm and i spent the whole day walking round louth market and hubbards hills completely cosy, my new leather jacket is becoming useful in this weather aswell! i actually had a lovely day taking photos and walking around the festive market, im sad the weekends over but so happy with all my purchases and im happy my hair is FINALLY growing, just need to keep it looking bright and blonde now :( oh the joys of being a girl!

                                            has everyone else had a good weekend?
kate xo