Thursday, 29 November 2012

liquid gold

liquid gold by tresemme - £7.99

i honestly cannot stress enough how glad i am to have this back into my life! this is by far the BEST hair oil i have EVER used and trust me i've used loads! recently i've been using elvive because its slightly cheaper but no way near as good! i have died blonde hair and my ends can get really really knotty! but when i use this stuff my hair is silky, smooth and shiny! i know it's a little expensive for some oil and people may say that caster oil will do the same but this smells delicious and actually does last ages, i use it everyday on my ends and sometimes my roots and it can last a good three months, so really it's worth the price! im so glad i treated myself for pay day.

what's your hair saviour?
                                                            Kate  xxx

Sunday, 25 November 2012

technique make-up brushes

technique make up brushes - £21.50

honestly very impressed with these makeup brushes, i've gone from using a crappy cheap foundation brush, to using this set of brushes for all my different brushes and honestly i can say i will not go back! it's amazing what good quality brushes can do for the look of your makeup. applying blusher/bronzer couldn't be any easier with the perfectly rounded brush which just glides over your cheek bones, helping to avoid becoming to pink or too bronzed. to be honest i don't think me reviewing them would do them any justice as i've got so many praises to say that i just cant seem to get them all out! another benefit of this set, is that the foundation brush is really small which means you have to spread your foundation more which honestly makes the foundation last longer and it makes it look so much better on your skin because it makes me spend more time doing it! but don't trust my tired sunday morning ramblings, go buy them for yourself! you wont be dissapointed.

anybody else have the sunday morning blues?
Kate xxx

Sunday, 18 November 2012

le teint touche eclat

Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundation by YSL - £25.00

 i've been using this foundation for a good few weeks now, but thought i'd wait a while before reviewing it as i wanted to see if it's standard remained the same and i can say this is probably one of the best foundations i've ever tried (only if applied by a makeup brush, a sponge or fingers doesn't have the same effect). i usually go for a more tan foundation but i picked a lighter colour with this one and i like the look it produces! i honestly cannot rave enough how flawless it makes the skin look, especially if worn with a powder. without powder the foundation gives a dewy quite shiny bright look but if used with a powder its gives a nice sheer matte cover. i've never spent quite this much on a foundation before but i can tell you i don't regret it! it doesn't stick to dry areas and it doesn't gather around the mouth area to create that 'moustache' that some foundations do. all in all i would rate this 10/10 and if anybody is buying a new foundation i would GREATLY advise this!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

peek a bright eyes

'peek a bright eyes' by benefit £24.50

so my boyfriend bought me this set a couple of weeks back and like all benefit eye sets it took me a while to use because it just looked so clean and pretty, i don't know about you but i'm a sucker for keeping my makeup nice and tidy. the set is actually amazing, i was pleasantly surprised with how the shadows light up your eyes and give a nice glowy dewy effect. i know all people apply eyeshadow different but i've found with this set that each shadow can be applied seperate for a block colour - which doesn't give the effect the set intended but is obviously an option. the correct (says the benefit instructions) way to use the shadow is to apply  the non shiny base powder all over the lid, then apply the pinky shade on the lower half of the lid, using the brown to line the lid closest to the eyelashes. the concealer/ eye bright can be used optionally to highlight under the eyes and hide any of them pesky bags! honestly i would reccomend the set to anybody, its simplicity really does make it a key staple to any make up bag and its just the right size to fit in any makeup bag no matter how small!

             what's your favourite eye set?  kate x

needing a fresh start

as you all know sometimes writers block takes it toll and we can't find the time/motivation or the inspiration to post! then i decided i was completely unhappy with my blog and had to delete everything and give it a MASSIVE revamp. eventually id like to see myself working back in the beauty industry at a counter applying makeup, so ive decided to make the sole focus of my blog on beauty products and reveiws! less outfit posts and more beauty posts! my next post will be about the benefit 'peek-a-bright eyes' set i've been using it for a few weeks now.

                                        it's nice to be back, kate x