Sunday, 20 January 2013

sunday update

sunday update - spending ban, product reviews, clothes.

I thought i'd update you all on my spending ban, so far so good! maybe I treat myself to a meal out today but i've bought NO products at all, and i've not bought any clothes. I'm struggling but I think the real challenge will be payday - which is this friday. I need to put all my money into paying off my debts and make sure under any circumstances that I don't buy anything for myself!!

playsuit - rare, topshop £45

Luckily I have a fantastic boyfriend who bought me the playsuit I've been wanting for now for a while,
I tried it on in topshop and he said he really liked it and he had to buy me it! So win win for me, I will be doing a review on this once I've worn it a few times and decided on whether it's comfy or not because at the moment I'm undecided - oh and I can't decide whether I even like it on me or not! ooopsy!

I have been sent a few packages/products for reviews, my  next few post will be product reviews!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

nasty gal

nasty gal - click here

My new favourite shop has to be nasty gal, I am literally drooling over everything in the store, especially these three dresses! I'm finding it very hard not to buy them all! Since loosing weight I find my eyes wandering over all sorts of skimpier fitting dresses and I just want an exscuse to need to buy one or two or three and show off my new slimmer waist line! If I knew that losing weight would make me want to splurge out on all these clothes I maybe wouldn't of lost it all so fast! I'm not sure which one I should purchase first, what do you think? Nasty Gal cater for so many different styles and clothing types - simple dresses, floaty dresses, skimpy dresses, patterned trousers, floral blouses.  You name it.... they have it. I know where my WHOLE pay cheque would be going if I wasn't on the spending ban!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

100 day spending ban - update 1

100 day spending ban - update one

So whilst i've been on a spending ban so many things have appeared that i want! It's so depressing!
I wish I had a magic fairy godmother or magic saviour (HINT HINT TO MY BOYFRIEND) that would treat me to one of these gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous items! I'm nearly pulling my hair out at all the things i want! Sometimes life is unfair :(.

bikini bottoms $78 - wildfox couture
bikini top £78 - wildfox couture

My holiday destinations this year are paris, rome, spain and newquay and this bikini is a must have! High waisted bikini bottoms flatter my figure a lot more than normal ones, because it covers my little bit of podge, I know holidays are meant to be fun but I believe it is important to feel comfortable and self assured when sunbathing/swimming.

polar wrist watch - £45-60 

Since the start of my diet this has been top of my wish list, the only reason I've not bought it yet is because of the price tag - cheaper and probably more useful than my bikini but I still cannot bring myself to part with this amount for something which will be used to mainly inflict pain on myself ( yes exercise is pain) I've seen a lot of great reveiws about this watch and I think it might be time to put my fitness first and sacrifice the new dress or new shoes for something which potentially will be a lot better for me in the long run!

zipped boots $81.99 - romwe

These boots are actually gorgeous, when it comes to shoes I'm faddy it takes a lot to make me want to part with my money but these baby's are gorgeous. Yes it's going to be summer soon and boots will be a bit warm to wear but the feeling that I get about these is that they will get better with age!

                anybody else struggling with
                the ban?

Saturday, 5 January 2013

New year new you

Gym attire

Sports bra - Sports Direct
Running Vest - Sports Direct 

So I know going to the gym isn't a fashion parade but I suppose wearing gym clothes helps you feel good about yourself, my main goal this year is to loose weight - i know everyone says that but i actually mean it. I've lost a stone so far and I feel the benefits every day, I'm fed up of hating myself and not being able to buy the clothes I want! Taking blog photos for me has always been a nightmare since I usually hate how I look in them! So yeah its time to really focus on improving myself and improving my blog and saving money!  The sports bra was £1.99 in the sports direct sale the orange running vest was £3.99 in the sale as well! I've had the black joggers for so long that i can't remember the price of them! 
anybody else got any resolutions?

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

100 day spending ban

100 day spending ban - ooopsy!

100 day spending ban

So I've seen that a lot of bloggers have been doing a spending ban! I've decided the hop on the bandwagon since i have £800 of debt i need to clear! Wonga is not my friend, neither are overdrafts! I think that after the 100 days I can easily have cleared my debt and finally have money free to buy things that I want! i'll be reviewing products i have been bought for Christmas or samples i have been sent rather than buying anything new. the rules are easy! i cannot spend ANYTHING or buy ANYTHING unless it is going towards paying off my debt! I am going to give my dad by bankcard, so nothing at all will be spent! i am going to clear out my wardrobe and sell a lot of clothes, and hope that once these 100 days are over i will have gained a lot of knowledge about saving money and will have developed better habits towards money.

wish me luck.